What is Tết?

There are many Tết festivals in Vietnam, but by far, the one that is most celebrated is Tết Nguyen Đán, or simply, Tết. Tết marks the New Year on the Lunar Calendar. Tết Nguyen Đán translates to “the first morning of the first day of the new year”. Tết is probably the most exciting time of the holiday for both adults and children. Leading up to the holiday, Vietnamese people try to get rid of any “bad fortune” by cleaning their homes, buying new clothes, resolving disputes, visiting relatives and paying their debts. Dressed in new attires, family members unite to welcome the most important day of Vietnamese culture with the first of many days of feasting and merry making to come. To the Vietnamese people, Tết signifies a new beginning, cleansing of past misfortunes and hopes for a brighter future.

Year of the Monkey (2016)

According to the Lunar Calendar, the monkey year of 2016 is Bính Thân or Fire Monkey year. It is believed that in Bính Thân year, parents should give birth in Summer or Spring to ensure the best future for their children. Furthermore, the monkey year 2016 is predicted to be an unstable year where careful planning and group action may fall short. Individual effort and innovation will play a more important role than institutional or orthodox methods. Rely on your own instead of your organization and go ahead with your ground-breaking ideas! This will be the most sensible advice in the monkey year of 2016.